Using multiple technology platforms TruNorthe connects its managers in the field to the home office in real time. This connectivity integrated with automated systems allows TruNorthe’s clients to access all information about a project straight from any device at any time.

TruNorthe uses technology to enable top performance and efficient communication by its staff. All personnel are equipped with the right tools (such as a web-based integrated reporting and tracking system utilizing “in-field” mobile devices), which enable them to upload project information (photos, reports, templates, etc.) directly from the field to the home office and on to the customer.

Automation speeds communication, improves reporting, streamlines operations and reduces overhead. This enables TruNorthe to manage more construction sites and projects successfully and TruNorthe customers to focus more on high-level, internal management and business growth.

TruNorthe maintains an internal team of IT professionals specializing in automating labor-intensive and time-consuming manual tasks. This team has built, and are constantly improving upon, the technology tools used in all aspects of our business. TruNorthe also has the capability and adaptability to develop project- and customer-specific automated tools to easily streamline any project within a matter of days (not weeks or months), saving time & money.

TruNorthe has systemized its knowledge and experience, both through the provision of automated tools and proper training of its personnel in standard operating procedures. Specific software deployments have already produced cost savings and project efficiencies in the wireless telecommunication industry, as well as other industries.


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