Using its real-time proprietary software, TruNorthe prides itself in being able to offer up-to-date information to its clients at any time. TruNorthe custom designs a variety of reports for its clients and offers access to these reports at just a click away.

TruNorthe believes that clear and precise communication between all parties is key to successfully providing professional services. This is true of internal company communication, communication with the client, and communication with contractors, suppliers, regulatory officials, inspectors, additional independent contractors and others involved in the success of each individual project. TruNorthe, as the professional service provider, is ultimately responsible to see that such communication takes place. We are dedicated to automating and delivering this ready information and meaningful communication - both in written and verbal form - for the benefit of our clients’ businesses.

TruNorthe’s automated management and reporting systems, coupled with effective communication practices, will streamline the construction management process and take it to a new level of efficiencies.


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