Construction Management

TruNorthe is a construction management firm though and through. With experience in managing the construction of everything from hotels and restaurants to cellular telecommunications facilities, TruNorthe exemplifies the idea of a construction manager.

TruNorthe applies our governing principle of Solutions Made Simple to the issues inherent in construction management, combines this with automated systems and technology, and has a proven track record of timely performance and adherence to strict budgets, while consistently delivering high-quality finished products that meet clients’ goals and objectives.

The foundational component of Solutions Made Simple is understanding the difficulties inherent in any construction process, no matter the industry, and then carefully planning for them in advance. The complimentary component of Solutions Made Simple is handling the unforeseen obstacles, which also are inherent in the construction process, and calmly identifying and implementing the right solution. TruNorthe personnel are trained to be effective communicators, adopt a calm solutions-oriented demeanor, and collaborate with all involved parties - in order to identify and implement the right solution and then learn from the experience so that future reoccurrences can be anticipated and prevented.


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