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TruNorthe is always looking for knowledgeable hard working individuals to add to the team. There are always new opportunities opening up as TruNorthe grows, so make sure to take a look at the career postings below.


TruNorthe is looking for individuals who are highly motivated and career oriented. We have built a strong team of highly knowledgeable team members, and are always looking to add to the team. As a construction management firm, we expect all employees to hold themselves as professional managers of both processes and people.

With an optimistic horizon of positive growth, TruNorthe expects to expand its operations beyond its current locales and expertise. We hope that you might be able to strengthen this growth with your added competence.

TruNorthe prides itself in giving all of its employees every opportunity to succeed. Each and every position is flexible, and allows for change within the job description. Because of this fluid and flexible environment, employment with TruNorthe offers many opportunities for vertical mobility.

If TruNorthe does not have any active postings at this time, please submit your resume for filing and you will be contacted if there are any new openings that fit your experience.


Project Manager

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Client: T-Mobile
Market: LA-Northe

Position Summary and Purpose:

A TruNorthe Project Manager (PM) Manages and oversees with complete ownership, while carrying out all aspects of planning, the development and implementation of large multifaceted construction projects, each with a large quantity of jobs across multiple sites; exemplifies and implements TruNorthe’s governing philosophies; successfully delivers each job/project on time, within budget, within scope, safely and without defects; serves as the primary point of contact and liaison between the client, project team and stakeholders.


PM Qualifications and Skills:

The TruNorthe PM is first and foremost a leader and will set performance standards for the team guided by and committed to TruNorthe’s three-pronged governing philosophy of:

  • Solutions Made Simple
  • Systemization and Efficiency
  • Effective Communication

A TruNorthe PM will demonstrate previous experience and skill in leading complex and strategic projects, working independently with minimal supervision and a high level of enthusiasm. They will exhibit strong analytical talent; possess complex problem-solving skills; and will consistently identify, share and implement opportunities for work process improvement. An effective PM should expect to operate under pressure and will carry a calm solutions-oriented demeanor and exhibit a positive can-do attitude. They will balance workload and priorities with efficient time-management.

A TruNorthe PM must communicate effectively in English (both written and verbal) in a clear and precise manner. They will possess strong interpersonal and relationship skills (both internally and client-facing), and will be confident making both formal and informal presentations to clients and company leadership. The PM will write strategic emails and reports, supporting precise decision making. They will ask searching/probing questions for clarity and to test understanding by all parties.

Technical Understanding
A PM, while not necessarily being an expert, will understand the wireless industry, cell site design, project management philosophies and construction processes. They will remain on the forefront of emerging industry practices and technology and the potential application of these practices and technologies to client engagements. As TruNorthe focuses on technological solutions, the PM will quickly learn TruNorthe’s capabilities and gain proficiency with internal software applications and tools.

Teamwork and Personnel Development
A PM takes full-ownership and leads a team of people and will be responsible for their productive operation and professional development as a company resource. As such, the PM will serve as a role model and mentor to team members in order to challenge and foster their professional development; inspire team members to attain personal and company goals in the pursuit of excellence; use each team member to their full potential; establish a teamwork-based environment; encourage open communication; acknowledge each team member’s contributions; minimize and mitigate team conflicts; and track and review lessons learned with the team. Each PM and team member will be willing to step in and assist where/when needed, cross training throughout the organization and working long hours or weekends as necessary to achieve goals and expectations.

Office & Organizational Skills
A PM will possess solid computer and internet skills, (including proficiency in MS Office applications) and have the ability to quickly learn new internal and client applications. Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and the ability to multi-task are also required.

Education / Experience
A TruNorthe PM will possess 3+ years of combined experience between on-the-job construction management and cellular industry work experience and/or formal education, demonstrating progressive career growth and a pattern of exceptional performance.

PM Duties and Responsibilities:

Client Relationship Management
Establish and maintain effective relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders. Clearly understand each client’s business, organization and project objectives. Properly set and perform to client expectations. Manage day-to-day client interaction. Design a solution and establish associated project timelines and budgets to complete the work within project constraints. Effectively communicate with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions. Develop lasting relationships with client personnel that foster ties and future work opportunities. Proactively anticipate the clients’ expectations and the project needs and prevent problems or delays.

Communication & Reporting
Effectively facilitate weekly and other regular status meetings with project team and Client/Project Sponsor to ensure understanding of expectations, deliverables, dependencies, risks, project status, contingencies, resolutions and project completion. Email weekly report(s) showing project status, percentage complete, estimated completion goals and other key project metrics. Create customized reports for the client or team, as needed. Remain prepared at all times for on-the-spot discussions of project status, run rates, estimated completions, goals, quality, schedules, etc. Effectively communicate relevant project information to superiors, including the appropriate escalation of issues to the attention of TruNorthe management in a timely fashion. Communicate difficult or sensitive information tactfully. Keep project team well informed of company, client and industry news. Deliver engaging, informative, well-organized presentations.

Project Planning
Attend and actively participate in project kickoff meetings to understand purpose and objectives, expectations, limitations, processes, deliverables, handoff points, and team structure. Identify required resources, ensure availability and assign team member responsibilities to oversee. Create and execute project work plans (revise as appropriate) to meet changing needs and requirements. Prioritize work based on analysis of strategic importance, tasks outstanding, obstacles or barriers, budgets, resources and deadlines. Establish and maintain a usable and well-communicated schedule for all phases of each project or job.

Project Management
  • Pre-Construction
    Gather Radio Frequency Design Sheets (RFDS’s), Construction Drawings (CD’s), and specs; manage surveys and walks; assist all project stakeholders in definition of project scope, objectives and technical feasibility; in order to complete an accurate Scope of Work (SOW) encompassing all project details and requirements. Create and/or oversee all project documentation. (Spreadsheets, plan review, scope writing, cost estimating, scheduling, material takeoffs, etc.). Work closely with the Pre-Construction Manager in putting together a complete bid package to General Contractors (GC’s), holding a successful bid-walk and auction. Review and ensure a complete and inclusive Notice To Proceed (NTP) is issued to the selected GC. Schedule and hold organized and productive Pre-Construction meetings on-site with all project participants.
  • In-Construction
    Effectively apply our positive, solutions-oriented methodology and enforce project standards in day-to-day management. Coordinate continually with internal resources (TruNorthe CM’s and office staff), third parties/vendors (GC and crew, municipalities, LL, etc.) and other project stakeholders for the flawless execution of projects. Review and Quality Control (QC) all deliverables prepared by team before delivery to both client and TruNorthe databases. Ensure the crew is holding daily “tailgate” safety meetings on-site and obtain records for company file. When further clarification is required submit a formal Request For Information (RFI) and follow up through resolution of the issue. Ensure project documents are complete, accurate, and uploaded appropriately (both T-Mobile’s “InSite” and TruNorthe’s “TruBase”). Minimize TruNorthe exposure and risk on the project and each job.
  • Post-Construction
    Obtain formal sign off on all project deliverables, which will often include coordinating input and involvement from the Project Sponsor/Client. Obtain and deliver any required redline drawings if there are any changes to each project or job. Verify that a Close Out Package (COP) is received in a timely manner, routed for client signatures and uploaded into client databases, including Land Lord (LL) and Field Operations (FOPS) sign-off when required. Each job must be punched and left clean and complete. Assure project legal documents are completed and signed. Ensure all documents are uploaded in TruBase and that all tasks and milestones are completed and invoiced timely and accurately.

Project Control
Evaluate all key project deliverables, as well as final product, to ensure traceability of requirements, high quality, delivery timelines, budget performance, achievement of expectations, and overall client acceptance. Identify, track, manage and mitigate risk on specific client engagements. Escalate these issues when necessary to ensure minimal impact to quality, budget and timeline. Manage scope creep through change orders, phased delivery or other methods to ensure projects are delivered on time, in scope, on budget and as expected. Ensure implications of changes to project scope and/or objectives are understood by Client/Project Sponsor and the project team and obtain formal change order when needed. Where project control is in jeopardy, create contingency plans with appropriate input from key team members and implement a revised project schedule, scope or budget in a timely manner. Manage project details in TruBase, keeping all data up-to-date on a daily basis.

Financial Management
Manage project budgets. Determine appropriate revenue recognition (e.g., task and milestone completion). In collaboration with company financial managers, ensure timely and accurate invoicing and monitor receivables (including client follow-up regarding unpaid invoices).

Professional Development
Participate regularly in TruNorthe’s continuing education opportunities. Seek out and participate in professional development opportunities above and beyond required training. Challenge fellow Team Members to progress toward their professional development goals and take personal responsibility for their own development. Assist team members to execute career development plans.

Process Improvement
Suggest areas for internal process improvement and accompanying solutions. Lead internal teams/task forces on improvement projects within areas of expertise. Contribute regularly to the improved functionality and design of TruBase.

New Business Development
Effectively convey TruNorthe’s message and capabilities in both written and verbal business development discussions. Identify business development and "add-on" sales opportunities as they relate to a specific project, job or client. Participate with company management in pursuing and obtaining new clients and opportunities.

Lamp Developer with Android experience

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Job Description:

Ideal candidates will have a can-do attitude, passion for technology, extensive PHP5/MySQL development experience, and will be able to get up to speed quickly.


Required Skills

  • PHP5 - Candidate should be a top-notch PHP5 developer, familiar with the latest features in PHP 5.2.X and 5.3.X.
  • MySQL - Modern database development expertise, words like 'trigger' and 'view' should be part of your vocabulary.
  • XHTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX - Expert level Javascript/XHTML/CSS development will be necessary. jQuery experience preferred.
  • Object Oriented Development / CS Background - Ideal candidates should understand object oriented development, and apply OO concepts to everything they do. Formal CS background or experience preferred.
  • Design and build advanced applications for the Android platform.
  • Work with outside data sources and API’s.
  • Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON.
  • Self-Starter - Looking for candidates who can jump in quickly without a lot of direction.

Bonus Skills

  • Laravel Framework experience
  • GitLab experience
  • KendoUi experience


This is a senior position; we're looking for somebody who has at least 5+ years of web development experience.

Other Details

TruNorthe offers a competitive salary and a full list of benefits, including health, dental and a la carte coverages. You will work in a fun and creative environment with a talented group of individuals that have a passion for building great web solutions.

We are open to local candidates only. Please note that we are intending to move to the Santa Monica area within the year.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, LAMP, jQuery, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, Laravel, Android, Android SDK, API


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